Visions: Follow up

First off, I want to say, I don’t believe stones can talk to people. However, I don’t think we should wave this idea off as irrational, dumb, crazy, or wrong. Maybe there’s a reason for why this works…

This quote can be quite misleading. I had to seriously decipher this quote and rely on my knowledge of theology (because I’m SUCH a great theology professor xD šŸ˜€ )before I figured out the conclusion I came to, but I feel that my conclusion is probably correct.

My conclusion is that the Lord can speak to or lead people through feelings we get or from physical things we do or things we think. Now, you may think this is silly or weird, or maybe even stupid of me to think this. Here’s why I think it though. Why wouldn’t he be able to?

God can do anything, and as a very close and loved relative to me says, “It works because the Lord made it work,” that is what I think of this quote. How is it that a Native American can find Ā fossils that are perfect, rare, andĀ beautiful without even trying to look for them? Simply, he can because he had a close, intimate relationship with Christ, and because the Lord makes it work šŸ™‚ .

Two major things that stands out to me about this quote. One, if Stalking Wolf could do it, and he believed in Christ, then anyone can too, IF he has faith. Two, a lot of people have a hard time believing this.

There are two reasons why most people can’t believe this. First, they are in a “box mindset.” This basically is like, lol, a box; anything that can’t fit inside your mental box, or “belief system, ideas about what works in life, etc.” must be left out, discarded, ignored, or regarded as mysticism and what not.

Second, there is no allowing of mystery and adventure, contributing to the box mindset. Every kid loves mystery! Don’t deny it, as a kid, a lot of you probably saw something super cool and wondered, what made that happen? Ever read Huckleberry Finn or Tom Sawyer? What makes it interesting?? Mystery. Adventure. However, once we grow up, mystery and adventures become a matter for fools, child’s play.

These two things prevent most people from believing crazy tales like these.

Keep calm and track on!



QOTM: Vision

“What was so perplexing to me was the way Grandfather [Stalking Wolf] would find a fossil. He didn’t have to lie on his belly and search for hours as we did. Instead, he would walk right over to a stone and pick it up. It was as if he saw the stone from many feet away and knew right where to go. What was most exasperating was that he would always find the most beautiful and whole fossil, one that could easily become our most prized piece…

Sheepishly, I asked Grandfather what he did to always find such beautiful fossils. Ā He smiled at me knowingly and said, ‘The stones simply tell me where the best are to be found.'”

— Tom Brown Jr.,Ā Grandfather

QOTM: Experiences

“English is a bad language for certain kinds of words. It hasn’t got much for ideas like wholeness of feeling. Nature is the best word English can come up with to describe something as various yet as indivisible as the bond between all living things. Most of what it feels like to be there in the woods is inexpressible in any language. The only language for some things is experience. Some experiences simply do not translate. You have to go to know.”

— Tom Brown Jr., The Tracker


“To the scout, each day is filled with adventure, excitement, intensity, and play. Life is a huge playpen, waiting for the scout to break routine and move out of context, becoming invisible to everyone. Wilderness becomes his home, and the life of society becomes his wilderness…”

— Tom Brown Jr., The Way of the Scout