The Answers!!

Hey everyone I had many people vote on my two polls and it is now time to reveal the answer!

For the first poll, I had this picture:


The track was two depressed pieces of dirt in the center of the picture. I gave many answers for you guys to choose from. The correct answer was a deer track! Congratulations to all who correctly guessed! And congrats to all who didn’t get this! This was honestly a intermediate-difficult track to decipher, without actually being there or zooming the picture.

One clue, that was not easily┬ávisible to you guys, is that when I was there in person, I could see the dew claw marks that would come from a deer. This deer was running very hard and fast to show some dew claw marks! If you wanna try and find the marks, one is just to the left of that three leafed plant on the bottom half of the picture. Look for a small depression in the ground. Try clicking on the picture and then zooming it. It’s a LOT easier to find that way. Good job to everyone who participated!

The second track was, honestly, easier than the previous one.


I wanted to see if I could throw anyone off by getting all serious ­čÖé . The answer is a deer track, again. When I said to look at what isn’t obvious, I was wondering if you guys would notice the bit of boot tread in the bottom center of the picture. This looks like it would make the deer track the front of a cowboy (don’t know what else to call it :D) boot. Then in the bottom-right corner, with the other boot print, I wondered if you would think because that was there, that meant the main track had to be a boot.

The reason it’s deer is because 1: it’s a tad bit too small to be a boot print. And 2: It’s too rounded on the corners to be a boot print.

But everybody got it right! Every single person said deer on the second poll! That is absolutely amazing. I can tell you guys have really learned a lot about tracking, and in less than three months, many of you can decipher deer tracks from armadillo, rabbit, and human :D.

Really impressed with you guys! Y’all don’t know how happy it makes my heart to know that you guys can actually do this stuff, even without me being there to guide and teach you personally. Even if you got the answer wrong, you still have learned a lot, I’m sure of it!

Congrats to all, and like always,

Keep calm and track on!