Back From Europe: Part II

How y’all doing?? Pretty well? That’s good… because now it is time to take a look at the landscape, animals, and plants of a fabulous European country called Moldova!

If I had to describe Moldova (as a country) in two words, it would be: beautiful landscape. I may actually have to do a third chapter of this Back From Europe series because I have so many awesome pictures of the land and everything. It’s a bit too much to fit all into one post. Too much for your minds too comprehend all at once ;), haha, just kidding!

Ok, now I just figured this out, but when you roll the cursor/mouse over the picture, the picture looks a lot better with deeper colors. It makes the picture look like how I took it. For some reason, WordPress dulls the colors on widgets on the side, which ends up dulling the pictures as well. I highly recommend you look at the pictures with the cursor/mouse hovering over it.



The land was (where there weren’t many houses and buildings except for farms), for the most part, very hilly and green. Lots of very deep greens. None of this neon junk I did a couple sentences back 🙂 . The trees and everything was pretty similar to what I’ve seen in America. Nothing vastly different.

Except for this...

Except for this…

And this...

And this…

I have no clue what is going on with that tree in the first picture. The second one is a different story. Moldovans paint (pretty much every tree they have) all white just below the three feet mark. This is to (supposedly) keep away bugs, evil spirits, and give the tree longer life (by protecting it from the sun). I don’t believe any of it 🙂 .


So here’s just a few more pictures of the landscape. Nothing much to tell, mostly because there’s no way to put it into words. You kinda just have to show it all.



Horse drawn buggy

Not exactly the most naturey type thing, but hey, it’s a horse drawn buggy 😀





Expect another post displaying the animals of Moldova.

Keep calm and track on!