Honoring the Men and Women of 9/11

Hello everybody!

I know I already posted today,┬ábut before the end of the day I just wanted to give my thanks to all those 911 men and women who gave their lives in the defense of this country. Even though some aren’t alive to see this post, I still would like to give my gratitude towards them.

However, there are still some men and women who spent many long days helping against the attack on this country and they are still living today. I would also like to give my thanks and gratitude to those who stood in the face of fear and conquered it. People spent hours working in fires and smoke to end 911, and they are worthy of honor. My thanks go to you today.

I hope that we continue to have brave men and women who are willing to give everything they have on the front lines. We will need them…

If you know somebody who helped stop 911 from going farther, please give them your thanks today, whether it be a letter, phone call, or in person, please let them know how grateful you are.

Thank you.