1 Year of Track Much!

Hey everybody! I haven’t posted much lately, but I’m gonna try to fit a few posts in before the end of the school year. I plan to write a lot in the summer and I’m super pumped! I just don’t have much time nowadays 🙂 . However, as you know from the title, today is the 1st anniversary of Track Much!

I wrote a story for my school and I wanted to share it with y’all. Seemed fitting for a 1 year anniversary. Hope you like it ;).


Owl Eyes

As you walk through the forest, quite happy and enjoying your midday hike, you decide to take a break. Sitting on the moss covered banks listening to the bubbling and burbling whispers of the creek in the joyous season of spring, you munch on an apple, taking in all the beauty of the woods that surrounds you for miles. After a pleasant and relaxing rest, you continue on your journey through the blossoming trees.

After stumbling onto a coyote, a buck, a newt, and making many other exciting discoveries, you realize it is getting late in the day. As you walk along the well worn deer trail towards home, you have the eerie feeling that you are being watched. Taking a peek around your shoulder and looking down the trail, you don’t see anything. You continue on your way.

With only one more mile of trail to walk, again, you get that creepy feeling that you are being spied on. Looking around, up, and even below, you don’t see anything except a tiny, brown spider. Surely I’m not freaking out because a SPIDER was… Woosh! You never finish your thought. As you hear the beating of wings behind you, you scream and stumble down the trail, tripping on a small stone in the process.

Lying there on the ground, you turn to see an owl that seems larger than even the surrounding oak trees, eerily sitting on a tree branch. He watches your every breath with his large, orange-glazed eyes. The owl’s presence alone demands authority, let alone his intense glare. Along with his fierce gaze, his gray speckled, rusty red and blond coat seem to present a challenge. As he stares, you feel like he is trying to tell you something. Move off the trail. You decide to do so.

Hiding yourself behind a tangle of branches and brush, you cover any other visible pieces of clothing with leaves and wait. Crunch, crunch, crunch. You hear someone coming, destroying the dry leaves of fall with his heavy and sluggish footsteps. Straining your neck to get a view of the approaching person, he suddenly comes into view. With his heavy gear, he tromps and plows through the terrain, eager to arrive at his camping destination. Stirring up the landscape, he is blind to all the natural beauty around him; after all, his objective is to get from Point A to Point B. Speedily moving along his way, he hustles right under the owl, not even noticing his powerful, feathery presence. As he treads down the trail a while more, the owl screams his reprimand. Screeeeech!!! Pausing to listen, the hiker tries to spot the owl. Failing to locate the origin of the sound, he shrugs it off, “Stupid birds…” He continues down the trail in the pit of his own arrogance.

Exiting your hiding spot, you steal one more glance at the owl.  Behind that fierce wall of feathers, lies a very wise being: the guardian of the forest. A guardian that does not take kindly to unruly and disrespectful trespassers. You give a small nod of thanks and leave the forest to ponder the amazing event you have just witnessed.



Keep calm and track on!