Hey y’all! I’m Evan Haasenritter.


Me on Stone Mountain in Stone Mountain Park in Georgia

This is my blog and on it I will share the story of my naturalist life. I have lived in Georgia my whole life and began practicing primitive, naturalist, and hunter-gatherer style living in September of 2014. Living this way and just getting into the woods has a joy in it that I can’t explain. I do this stuff for many reasons. One is the fact that I am never bored in the woods! Another is there is always so much to learn, and once you begin learning, you realize how much more there is to learn. The learning aspect of naturalism is always fun. I am not ever forced to do it, but I still want to learn. I hope to never stop.

With this blog, I don’t intend to achieve fame, be on magazine covers, or the like. Rather, I just want some nice people, who want to learn and see new things, to drop a follow, and learn with me! Getting followers is slow and hard, but every one shows me that what I’m doing is real, valuable, fun, and, honestly, it helps drive my curiosity even more with every new follower! I also intend to help others with whatever they need, because we’re all in this together, aren’t we? 😉

In writing on this blog, I hope that I can encourage people to get outside more, instead of making clicks and taps on an artificial screen for several hours a day or rotting on a couch for hours on end. I know that if people would take more risks in their life, believe in themselves more, and actually try to learn, they could become just like Mark Elbroch, Tom Brown Jr., or any other legendary tracker. I know some people wish they could do what Mark or Tom can do, but they don’t believe in themselves enough. If they only did a little work and put in some “dirt time”, they could do it. Anyone reading this wishing they could do what I post, go into the woods or whatever natural place is near you. Go see what’s out there! I promise you, the diversity of just one ecosystem or forest will keep you captivated and marveling at the beauty of everything, every second! Believe in yourself, put in the work and time, and you WILL  be able to track and do everything a Native American could.

Eventually, as I get older, I will attend primitive camps, do apprenticeships, and go to tracking evaluations. I hope you will stay with me as I learn these new skills and that you will begin to learn the benefits of primitive living. As I learn new skills I will post posts and pictures “showing”, rather than telling, you what I learn. I currently am beginning to practice primitive camping and survival, brain tanning buckskin, birding, hunting, and especially wildlife tracking.

I will post 2 to 5 times a month, or I will only post once or twice every couple months. It just depends on my timetable and how often I can get into the woods with my camera.

If you follow me, you will be emailed every time I post, and that way you won’t have to check manually. Just click the follow button in the bottom-right hand corner of the screen. Then enter your email address and you’re good to go!

Remember, work + time = dirt time = naturalism. Go get back to your roots! 🙂

Keep calm and track on!


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Nice to read of your experiences getting out into nature and studying her lore. I’ve not visited Georgia, but have spent time in other states, particularly enjoyed discovering the backwoods in Florida. Enjoyed reading Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings’ work.
    Happy tracking.


    • THanks! Georgia is a fabulous place for getting in the woods if you can find some hillbilly area where no one cares if you explore. I also highly recommend you try and make a trip out to Vogel State Park sometime in the Spring. Beautiful place! Thank you so much for checking my blog out! I really hope you keep reading my posts and that you enjoy what I write!
      Wild Blessings!


      • Thanks for the suggestion to check out Vogel, which i did through Google and found i lot of good information as well as a gallery of stunning photos. Also of interest is its location to the Appalatian Trail. Next time we visit the States will have to plan a journey and some hiking through your neck of the woods 😊.

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