The Bald Eagle: Greatness Unveiled

Hey everybody! Yesterday, me and my dad and my brother went over to the Chattahoochee Bend State Park in Newnan, Georgia, and we went Geocaching, exploring and even saw, the national bird of America!

I have to say, from the second we arrived, our park ranger was nice. Shout out to Jade, if you’re reading this, for an awesome experience at the Chattahoochee! Definitely gonna have to come back!

First we went Geocaching, and that was a TON of fun! Then, we went to go find a bald eagle nest, which was currently unknown as to whether or not it was active.

Turns out, as we arrived, there was nothing in the nest. Although we all agreed it would’ve been cool to see the bird, the nest alone was worth the hike! Then we saw it.

Not more than 30 feet away from the nest was a bird. A large bird, one with a head white as the clouds and a body the color of dirt, perched on a crooked branch above everything else, as if saying, “Hey, look at me! I’m the majestic Bald Eagle!”

As we saw it, my brother remembered he had the binoculars, looked and saw it, and then passed it around. After I looked at it one last time after my dad, the eagle decided to move. As he took off, I expected him to rip that tree he was perched on out of the ground, snatching it in one crooked talon as he flew off in the sky. Very good medicine, and definitely a sparkle of happiness from the Lord!

Although I was unable to shoot a shot of the bird, I was able to use my binoculars, balance them, and angle my phone so that it would take a picture of the nest.


These picture make it look small, but it was MASSIVE!! Probably 10 to 15 feet across.  I’ve contacted the State Park to let them know that it is an active nest, so I’m waiting to hear back from them.

For some of my international viewers, just in case you don’t know what a bald eagle looks like, here it is. 🙂

I can now log that into my birding journal for a bird I’ve seen. What a joy!

Keep calm and track on!


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