QOTM: Experiences

“English is a bad language for certain kinds of words. It hasn’t got much for ideas like wholeness of feeling. Nature is the best word English can come up with to describe something as various yet as indivisible as the bond between all living things. Most of what it feels like to be there in the woods is inexpressible in any language. The only language for some things is experience. Some experiences simply do not translate. You have to go to know.”

— Tom Brown Jr., The Tracker


2 thoughts on “QOTM: Experiences

    • That is so cool! Although it describes to an extent what I’m talking about , Tom Brown is still right. It can’t be expressed in any language. What I like about that german word is that it says exactly what that quote says. Basically, it plainly puts out the word, rather than trying to describe the feelings associated with being alone in the woods, it says “the feeling of being in the woods alone…”. Love it! Thanks so much! I’ll probably write a post on this, as it quite caught my fascination, as you can probably tell 🙂


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