A Halloween post – Migrating Raptors

Hey everybody! I hope everyone is having a swell Saturday, because I have a lucky sight I saw yesterday…


Now, some of you might have (err… Probably did) figure out what this picture is. This photo was taken with my phone, so it isn’t the greatest quality (no phones have good quality when zoomed 🙂 ), but nevertheless, I was able to capture the moment. It is, no joke, hundreds of raptors called turkey vultures 😀 migrating south!! HUNDREDS!!!! I wasn’t able to capture all of the birds in one picture, so there were hundreds more that I didn’t get.

You may be thinking this is some super rare moment I got to witness. Nope! It is a common sight every fall!! Yup, you heard (read) me! You literally can witness this same event yourself! I live in Georgia where I saw them, so you may not be able to see this if you live more north.

There was an article published recently on Cool Green Science that told of hundreds to thousands of raptors that would be migrating. I am very blessed to have witnessed this event.

As you guys have probably noticed, I haven’t posted as frequently as I usually do. With basketball season starting up, I barely have time to get in the woods. Obviously then, posts will definitely be slowing down until the end of January, which actually works kinda good because I can’t go in the woods during deer hunting season anyways 😀 .

I am introducing today a word that is very good, on a day that is very bad. I would call this event “good medicine.” It is an Apache Indian term that, besides it’s obvious meaning of something good or beneficial, means an event so remarkable that anyone who wasn’t there to witness it themselves can only help but comment on it. It is an event so great, that it is more than just the ordinary beauty of the world. It is also any mystery, no matter how small or large, that when solved, opens up to even more new, larger mysteries. There is absolutely nothing weird or spiritual about it. It is simply another word for amazing, wonderful, or remarkable, except it’s an Indian word. The Apache also say that it is a sign of favor from God. I believe that, although I don’t think it probably necessarily applies to every single situation.

Keep calm and track on!


P. 4. S. – 2


I love the woods when October comes. The wind is chilly, the deer are easy to locate, camping is fun.

Here’s an old Indian poem that really expresses how I feel in October woods. I love this poem:

The junco trilled, my heart soared. Winter is coming, winter is coming.