Project: 4 Seasons

Hey everyone! In my last post I told you about a year-long project I would start in mid-September. It is time to start….


At this point you’re probably wondering what Project 4 Seasons is. Project 4 Seasons, I think, is a really unique experience and will show you guys the month by month change that happens over a year in the woods. Now, if you wanted, you could do this on your own, but a lot of people don’t have the time to do so. Also, some people may not have deep woods to go in. However, with Project 4 Seasons they will still be able to see the change.

To accomplish this, I will go into my woods on the 14th of every month and take a picture from a spot I really like! It will be the same spot every month. I will then publish the picture with a few words thrown in.

The person who gave me this idea was my dad, and I thought about it, and realized, that is a great idea! Also, to my knowledge, no one has ever done it before. Basically, in a year from now, which is hard to imagine, I will create a photo collage video and literally show you the yearly change in the woods in a 1 minute synopsis. Pretty cool right?

Be sure to tell all of your friends, bosses, co-workers, and family so they can follow this change as well! Teachers, if you are teaching ecosystems or forest-related things, this might be an excellent thing to show your students. They may not get to see the full, year-long synopsis, but they will get to see most of it!

*** Also, if you have a Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, then please take 2 minutes of your day to share this page with all of your followers and friends you follow. There are sharing buttons at the end of this page for you to do that. It will mean a lot to me and will really help me grow my blog, meaning the time I put into Project 4 Seasons will be greatly rewarded and returned. ***

Let me know what you guys think of this idea and of any ideas or questions you have. I will be more than happy to consider, and possibly do, any idea I receive.

Keep calm and track on!


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