Quote of the Month

Hey everyone! I’ve decided that I want to have a quote of the month. I will have every quote posted on the 1st of every month. The reason I came to starting this idea is that it will give me more time to put into other posts, and it still will draw a lot of visitors.

Now, I need to make sure you guys know this or you might start getting pretty turned off with my quotes after awhile 🙂 . A LOT of them will be from Tom Brown Jr. and his books! I would like to vary the authors of my quotes up a bit, and there are other good quotes out there, but as far as wilderness survival and nature go, he easily has some of the best!!

So I’ve made the quote of the month, Scout, for September, and y’all can be expecting another one October 1st! Thanks everyone, and I hope you like this idea!

Keep calm and track on!

P. S. Expect a year-long project to begin sometime around mid-September! 😉


3 thoughts on “Quote of the Month

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