Off to Europe!!

Hey everyone! I have a bit of a surprise for you guys…

I am going on a missions trip with my church to the country of Moldova! Me and my team will be running a Christian youth camp to teach kids about Jesus and, basically, hang out with them and have fun! I am first going to Myrtle Beach in North Carolina for a week. I leave tomorrow. I then will have two days to rest and then I leave for Moldova.  I am bringing a camera to both the beach and Moldova, so I hope to have some pretty sweet pictures from around the globe (even if they aren’t nature themed 🙂 )!

So, it will be a little while before you guys can read some new content. I will get back June 21st by the way. I will probably post sometime near the end of June.

Here’s just a little more extra information :). There is a 7 hour time zone difference so it will take me several days to get into the flow of time in Moldova. Phew! I can’t imagine how hard it will be to sleep for the first few days there :D. I will also get to make a brief stop in one of many Paris airports when I am flying to Moldova, and then I will head to Kiev, Ukraine! However, at the end of the mission trip, we will get a whole day to explore Kiev and sightsee!!! Or we can just sleep 🙂 . I don’t know why ANYBODY would sleep over exploring Ukraine, but hey, everyone has their own goals in life 🙂 .

I can’t wait to write some more, but I am also looking forward to swimming in the beach and playing some volleyball and hanging out with the Moldovan kids! If you guys want something specific for the next post, whether it be some random candy bar picture from Ukraine or a cool bug, please comment and I will try my best to get a picture of what it is you want.

Just remember, while I’m gone around the globe,

Keep calm and track on!


2 thoughts on “Off to Europe!!

  1. Hey Evan! We just love reading your blog! Korben and I just caught up on reading the latest blogs and we both guessed the deer tracks correctly. 🙂 We will be praying for you on your upcoming trip, that blessings will abound to those around you and for safe travels. Have a wonderful time! Can’t wait to read what you post next. Oh, and Korben thought your idea of the candy bar pic was excellent! Love you! Auntie Mich, Uncle Darren, Korben, Judah, Ezra


    • Hahaha!! I’ll try and get a sweet candy bar picture! Nice job you guys! I hope you have learned a little bit about tracking. Really impressed! Thanks for the prayers, we’ll need it! I’ll be sending a nother email once I’m back from vacation. Tell everyone I said hi and please give a hearty, GOOD JOB to Korben 🙂


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