Snapping Turtle Thursday!

Hey everyone! I have decided to dub this day: Snapping Turtle Thursday!!! Lol.


So uh, this is the huge snapping turtle I found in my creek :D. There was NO WAY I could not show you guys. If I had to guess, it was probably around 37 Inches long, including the tail and head, and 14 inches wide. It was huge!!! Get a tape measure out and see for yourself just how big it is.

I was just wondering around near our creek, and saw this thing. This was the only pic I got before it got scared away. Glad it’s a decent pic 😀

On a side note, here’s some pictures of my family’s chickens! We have 6, but one isn’t in either of the pictures.




Chickens are wonderful creatures. We feed them our food scraps and they always eat it! Finished weeding? Throw the weeds to the chickens. They literally eat anything! Except hot dogs….

Keep calm and track on!


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