A Book Review for: Animal Tracking Basics

At last!!! My long-awaited book finally arrived! :D.

Animal Tracking Basics, by Jon Young and Tiffany Morgan.  I’ve read through it and this is an EXCELLENT book.

Jon Young was Tom Brown Jr.’s first and only apprentice, and Jon spent ten years under Tom’s training. Jon is an amazing tracker and was taught the way exact way Tom was taught. The way of the Lipan Apache Native Americans from Northern Mexico and Southern Texas. After he finished his apprenticeship with Tom, he founded the Wilderness Awareness School.

Tiffany Morgan is a tracker heavily involved in the Shikari Tracking Guild and has gone to many of Tom Brown’s camps.

So here’s what the book is about, if the title isn’t self-explanatory enough :). It basically shows you and gives you a multitude of exercises on how to learn tracking. It “explains what to look for to find or identify an animal and how to develop an essential environmental awareness. Also describes aging tracks and sign, understanding ecology and mapping, keeping field notes, using track tools, and making casts.”

So as you can see, it’s PRETTY thorough. I would give this book five stars for many reasons. First, after reading the book, I have only a few other questions about tracking. This book covered nearly everything I was wondering. Second, if exercises aren’t for you, then tracking isn’t for you. The exercises are extremely helpful, even though they don’t seem to have anything to do with tracking :), such as studying animals feet, practicing “owl vision” :D, and drawing the shapes, textures, edges, and lighting of a track, all on separate pieces of paper. I know, you’re probably thinking “HOW does this help in tracking????!!!!” It does. I’ve tried it and it actually works. Third, J. Y. and T. M. use many stories to inspire you in tracking. It is one of the greatest things you could imagine, to have an informational book filled with stories!! It keeps the book from getting, boring, per say.

I will do a chapter by chapter review and give a summary of what happens in each one. I will not tell the stories, as they are like 5 pages each, but I will let you know when there is one. I will however include the exercises, so that you can practice them on your own :). I will publish with 3 chapters in a post and I will have a concluding post. If you get the book, you will find more detailed information, but everything you need to know will be included.

Also, reading the book, brainstorming so I don’t plagiarize, summarizing, typing the exercises, re-reading, and spell-checking takes quite a long time. I do that with each and every chapter and it takes many tiring hours to finish writing a post. So please expect at least a week in between posts. I will publish the first post tomorrow morning. I hope you like it!

Keep calm and track on!


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